Successful upgrade of JDR Cables HLM & VLM Umbilical & Submarine Cable Production Lines

Over the latter part of 2018 MJR carried out extensive upgrades on JDR’s two main production lines at their Hartlepool Victoria Quay Manufacturing Plant. These technically challenging turnkey projects, executed to strict deadlines and demanding technical specifications involved replacement of all obsolete variable speed drive systems and delivery, installation and commissioning of a new centralised PLC control system (Siemens S7-1500) and Datalogger.

Offering unprecedented improvements in process performance, enhanced productivity and reliability these projects are a great example of MJR’s key skills in the retrofit, refit and upgrade market.

With the HLM being one of the world’s largest umbilical manufacturing lines and the largest in Europe, MJR were honoured to be trusted with such a critical project and didn’t disappoint!

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Paul Cairns

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