Stena Line selects MJR’s Marine Automation Platform MAP OE for Ballast Control System replacement

MJR’s Successful delivery of replacement Ballast, Freshwater, Fuel & Lube Oil, Tank Level Gauging and Control System.

Marine electrical engineering supplier MJR Power & Automation was contracted by Stena Line for replacement of the their ballast control system on the Stena Scotia. With the existing tank gauging and valve remote control system obsolete and unsupportable by the manufacturers, MJR’s MAP OE System was selected for its off the self hardware, open software platform and ergonomic operators screen and the flexibility to install & commission with the vessel in-service.

The system provides remote tank gauging, controls all of the valves on the ship and provides fully automatic heeling control to maintain vessel trim during loading and unloading of cargo. The system also integrates with the vessels loading and stability computer, which was also renewed, providing it with tank volume data to enable the necessary shear force, bending moment and stability calculations to be carried out. With over 700 I/O points, the system is quite extensive and being an essential system requires a fully redundant continuously available architecture. The solution was perfect for MJR’s proven MAP-OE™ Integrated Machinery Automation & Control System as it was required to be delivered with full design approval from Lloyds Register of Shipping.







Managing Director Paul Cairns comments “Installing and commissioning a system of this size with the ship in service and without causing any vessel downtime was extremely difficult. The skill, flexibility and ingenuity of our engineering and installation team is second to none and I congratulate all involved in doing a great job”

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