Design of Telegraph Order Printer & Recorder

P&O’s European Diplomat was fitted with an obsolete NUNOTANI KEIKI SEISAKUSHO CO. LTD PITCH LOGGER (MODEL NO:DP-3E) which had failed and was beyond economical repair.

We designed and installed a replacement telegraph order printer / pitch logger that would fit into the existing bridge console opening with no modification required and minimal installation time.The telegraph order printer / pitch logger is based around a rugged chassis mounted industrial PC workstation with integral 10.4″ colour LCD display & keypad and paper roll printer (optional).

Designed specifically for retrofitting and to replace existing obsolete equipment the configuration is extremely flexible. Input/output configurations can easily be tailored to suit the installation, allowing the system to accept up to 128 mixed digital & analogue I/O channels.The system is based on the familiar Windows® 2000 operating system and information is presented on easy to read graphic screens.

1239119931-05802900On the left hand side of the main screen the sliders dynamically indicate the pitch demanded and achieved and the current control position.

On the right is a table showing the latest events and beneath are the system tools for exporting data to disk and system management.

We have lots of experience in repairing and re-engineering existing and often obsolete equipment resulting in significant cost savings to our clients. Our wide skills base, from microelectronic design to software engineering enable us to produce economical solutions to difficult problems.

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