Power Factor Correction System – LPG Carrier

Reducing unnecessary machinery running hours can make dramatic savings on running costs.

This LPG Carrier managed by Hanseatic Shipping had to run all four of its’ diesel generators continuously to enable the cargo compressors to operate at full capacity.

This meant that much of the time it was impossible to stop a machine for maintenance and if a machine failed the vessel was not able to remain fully operational. We retrofitted an active power factor correction system into the main switchboard in order to improve the overall power factor of the load.

1239120579-65425000 (1)The power factor correction system dramatically reduced the load current to a point where the entire electrical load could be supported comfortably by 3 of the 4 available diesel generators. With power factor correction the ship can now remain fully operational with three generators, leaving the fourth as a standby machine.

Large benefits have been realised in terms of operational convenience, redundancy and costs.

The cost savings have been so dramatic that the capital cost of installing the system has been repaid in just a few months of operation. As well as designing and building new systems and equipment we also offer testing, inspection, servicing, modification and fault finding on existing installations.

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