Propeller Shaft Power Meter / Torsion Meter

The 17 year old Torsion Meter on Tor Baltica had an obsolete micro computer (responsible for data acquisition, calculation & display) which had failed and was beyond economical repair, rendering the entire system unusable.

The Torsion Meter shaft monitoring electronics and strain gauges were in good serviceable condition but the owners were advised that the only option was to renew the whole system at a cost of around £13-14K, less installation & commissioning.

We suggested that a more economical solution would be to retain the existing serviceable and supportable Torsion Meter components (shaft rotor & stator electronics) and design a replacement data acquisition and display system.

1239119476-72768200Our recommendations were accepted and we carried out the work at a total cost of around £6K (including installation and commissioning). This resulted in an overall saving to the owner of around £8K or 60%.

The Torsion Meter system gives a continuous numerical readout of shaft speed, torque and power averaged over a 10 second interval. A bar graph display of power is also provided for easy comparison between Port & Stbd engines.

We have lots of experience in repairing and re-engineering existing and often obsolete equipment resulting in significant cost savings to our clients. Our wide skills base, from microelectronic design to software engineering enable us to produce economical solutions to difficult problems.

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