Alarm & Monitoring

From stand alone bearing monitors with a handful of analogue channels to multi-operator station distributed systems with up to 60,000 I/O channels and fibre optic backbone, our systems are highly modular, scaleable and configurable for any marine application.

Why choose us?

  • All of our systems are based on standard type approved PLC and industrial automation hardware, components and equipment.
  • We don’t use any bespoke or custom devices which means that spare parts are widely available from any reputable industrial automation distributor, at much lower cost than custom designed systems from the ‘big name’ manufacturers.
  • The owner is not tied to us for supply of spare parts.
  • The system software is developed using industry standard development tools and we provide the owner (if requested) with copies of the source code, development tools, licences and access passwords – unlike all other manufacturers.
  • The owner is not tied to us for service, although we will be pleased to provide the usual industry leading levels of support normally associted with MJR.
  • Any competent third party automation company can provide service.
  • The system is extremely flexible and can be scaled to suit any application.
  • For essential systems dual redundancy and ‘hot swap’ capabilities are standard.
  • We can connect to any external third party equipment using all proprietary communication and fieldbus protocols and standards.

Our systems offer levels of performance, reliability and fault tolerance that match the highest in the industry at costs that don’t.