Auxiliary Machinery Control

Adding control capability is simple! Standard ‘bolt on’ packages are available for Pump, Fan and Valve Control. Standalone and highly customised systems can also be produced as direct ‘wire for wire’ replacements for existing obsolete and defective systems.

Control and integration solutions can be provided for most other types of marine auxiliary machinery control including Boiler & Burner Managment, HVAC etc. Again this can either be as part of our ICE™ ‘Integrated Control Environment’  or as a fully standalone system.

Previous solutions have included…

  • Pump control systems with timed blackout auto restart sequences.
  • Pump & fan control systems with variable speed drive and closed loop PID control of delivery volume.
  • Automatic boiler & burner control including feed water control, soot blowing, burner control, management & safety.
  • Remote control valve systems for cargo, ballast water, fuel oil, fresh water, grey & black water.
  • Automatic cooler backflush sequencing.
  • HVAC control & monitoring.
  • Temperature control of main engine lub oil, LT, HT & charge air.