Flexible Pipe & Umbilical Carousels & Reels

From fixed installations to portable and project specific systems we have helped construct, commission and mobilise many systems including…

  • Offshore carousels & reels for umbilical, flexbile pipe, LoFS & power cable handling & spooling.
  • On shore carousel systems for product spooling & transfer.
  • Portable carousel systems for spooling barges.
  • Loading/unloading arms for cable tanks and baskets.

We also supply mobilisation services including supply of skilled labour for electrical, data, communications, fabrication & mechanical workscopes.

1245425072-14155100As a subcontractor to some of the largest equipment and system manufacturers we have also carried out a significant amount of system construction and mobilisation work including…

  • Control panel & switchboard design & construction.
  • Variable speed drive (VSD) suite construction for reel drive & tensioner systems.
  • Construction of containerised power & control rooms.
  • Design & construction of containerised deck generation packages.
  • Design & installation of data, communications, surveillance & lighting systems for system integration.