Generator Installation & Re-Engining

Replacing generators is often a useful means of improving reliability and extending the life of a vessel.

However, the replacement machine is often dissimilar to the remaining or original machines which it must work in parallel with, which can present significant operational problems.

This is particularly applicable when trying to use newer machines with electronic governors and sophisticated electronic exicitation against older types with hydro-mechanical governors and static exciters.

Skill, experience and knowledge are required to overcome these problems in order to ensure satisfactory performance and to ensure that active, reactive and transient load sharing performance is acceptable when the replacement machine is working in parallel with the existing machines.

1240415474-98484400We have a strong track record of successful completion of many such projects, overcoming difficult technical obstacles and in some very challenging circumstances with the vessels in service and have a wealth of experience including…

  • Diesel & turbo alternators.
  • Retrofit alternator excitation solutions & modifications.
  • Retrofit electronic engine governor/speed control solutions & modifications.
  • Matching of newer electronic excitation systems to older static & compound systems.
  • Matching of electronic governors to hydro-mechanical governors.
  • Symmetrical & asymmetrical load sharing and % load sharing between machines of different sizes.
  • Interfacing to and modification of existing safety systems & control systems.
  • Interfacing to main switchboard.
  • Interfacing to existing power management systems.
  • Power management system modification & software modification.

We provide a full turnkey package, even down to preparation and submission to classification society of design drawings and management of the complete class approval process.