PCB & Card Repairs

Component level repairs to a wide range of electronic systems. These are just a few examples of the repair services we can offer. Please contact us if the type of repair is not listed.


Repair of AEG 4 Channel Alarm Card Type HL-3112487-14…

Amelec AMT240 Transmitter Card

AUTRONICA KM2 , KMC-210/2 *T 600H-H Dual Channel Exhaust Gas Card

AUTRONICA KM2 , KMC-220/2 *TC 600D Dual Channel Exhaust Gas Card

AUTRONICA KM2 , KMR-200/0-600C Alarm Card

CSI Deltamacs Keypad Unit

DATA SAAB Purifier Control Card Type IPC 231

De Hoop Electronics Bowthruster Controller Type 78012.01

DECCA ISIS 200 , 77202QL Binary Alarm Card

Deck Crane Relay Card

DEIF 845.10 Binary Card With Delay

DEIF 845.10 Binary Card Without Delay

DEIF 845.31 Indicator Card

DEIF 845.60 Exhaust gas card

DEIF Inwatt Convertor 34988-23

DEIF Power Relay Convertor 0-1200kW

DEIF Power Relay Convertor 0-120kW

DEIF Transal DC-2TB

Dowty DC/DC Convertor

Reapirs to Dowty DC/DC Convertor Model RFL 9720 , 125V DC

Dowty Fibre Optic Switch Card

Dowty RFL9150 Power Supply

GINGE Halon PCB Relay Card 05-5241-0201

Hagenuk Alarm Card Type WA-IA 3/4

Hasler Main Engine Tachogenerator Signal Conditioner PCB Type 5.3

Kamewa Fuel Rack Position/Load Transmitters

Kamewa Load Control PCB Type: KMW 582028-A

Kamewa Load Control PCB Type: KMW 582030

Kamewa Load Control PCB Type: KMW 582031-A

Kamewa Pitch Control Card

Kamewa Pitch Control Card Bn5/2ay

Kamewa Pitch Control Card Type NDC KMW VX1

KDG Instruments Tank Pressure Sensor / Transmitter




LYNGSO MARINE Terminal Card Type 609.024.110 , NR 250341

MacGREGOR 840514 Ramp Indication Board

MAK Fuel Rack Transmitter Card

MALLING KONTROL 813.24 Fire Detection Module 5 channel

Meiyo Exhaust Gas Card Type FV15D

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation “CAPACITOR TRIP” type CN48810-1 C

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation T-CPT01-S1 Thyristor Firing Card

MJR Controls Thermocouple amplifier DIN rail type

MJR Controls Thermocouple amplifier Junctiob box mounted

Moland Automation COM Interface Card CP7


Repair of Autronica MX-5 Exhaust Gas System

Noris Tachometerwerk Module Type RH31

Nunotani Keiki CPP Sleeve Motor

NZK Engine Telegraph Logger

Pleiger Valve Positioner Card

Powertronix PTX131L 4kVA UPS

PR Electronics Analogue Comparator type 2219

Praxis Interface Module Type B95.610P.617

Ronan Power Supply Type X51N-230-50DA-R8

RS COMPONENTS 593-912 , 32024D , 4.8 DUAL 24v D.C POWER SUPPLY

Saacke Burner Control Card

Siemens 8 Ch PLC Relay Output Card Type 6ES 451-8MR11

Siemens Genop Unit

Simos 32U Alarm Monitoring Unit Repair

Soren T Lyngso 21735100 , 6 Channel Digital Alarm Unit

Soren T Lyngso AC1 Card

Soren T Lyngso DBA Card

Soren T Lyngso Exhaust Gas Card Deviation Alarm Unit 204.062

Soren T Lyngso Exhaust Gas Card Type 204,092

Soren T Lyngso Pressure Transducer 0-10 Bar / 0-0.9 vdc

Soren T Lyngso TAU Card

Soren T Lyngso TDU Card

Soren T Lyngso Thermonitor

Soren T Lyngso TLA Card

Soren T Lyngso TMU card

Sulzer ERT10 Relay Output PCB

Sulzer EUD10S Voltage Monitor PCB

Sulzer SSM10 Circuit Breaker PCB

Tele Automation Components Thyristor Soft Start Controller Type E

Tokyo Keiki Alarm Card TYPE AS

Tokyo Keiki Alarm Card TYPE AT

Toshiba TOSDIC – 211 DDLC “One Loop Controller”

Valve Actuator (4-20 mA) Positioner PCB Type CUIJK 992.14.022