Power Management

Either as part of our ICE ™ ‘Integrated Control Environment’ or as a fully standalone system, our Power Management System is amazingly flexible and can be customised to suit any application.

Our standard PMS features include:

  • Automatic synchronising, switching, electrical and engine/prime mover monitoring & protection.
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical active (kW) load sharing.
  • Load dependent start/stop and heavy consumer start request and blocking.
  •  Standby start with programmable machine priority and blackout restart of essential equipment.

We also have options for:

  • PTO/shaft generator control, synchronising & load transfer.
  • Synchronising and control of single & multiple bus tie breakers.
  • Reactive (kVAr) load sharing.
  • Integration with electric propulsion & DP systems.
  • Isochronous and constant voltage operation.