Power Quality Engineering

In modern electrical distribution networks, non-linear electrical loads such as switching power supplies and electronic variable speed drive systems can severely affect the network power quality.

This can lead to nuisance tripping of circuit protective devices and in extreme cases can lead to malfunction or even complete failure and destruction of sensitive electronic equipment.

This is especially true in marine and offshore applications where the electrical supply is produced from generators and has a relatively high impedance. Large variable speed drive systems for propulsion, winches, drilling and fans can produce severe harmonic distortion of the supply.

We have many years experience in design and specification of large variable speed drive systems with generator based supplies and the associated harmonic countermeasures required to minimise distortion of the supply network or its detrimental affects on consumers.

1240414599-05605700For existing problem networks we can provide…

  • Power quality survey, investigation, analysis and recommendations.
  • Specification, supply & installation of harmonic mitigation measures including passive and active filters, constant voltage transformers and line conditioning equipment.
  • Specification, supply & installation of clean power converters.

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