Power, Voltage & Frequency Conversion

There are many occasions when it is essential, mandatory or desirable to power the vessel from a shore power source, rather than its own generators for example…

  • Drydock, refit & repair periods.
  • Short or long term lay up.
  • In harbours where exhaust & noise emissions are tightly controlled, preventing the use of generators.
  • Owner comfort in the case of Mega Yachts.

However, due to the differences in voltage & frequency between shore based and ship based electrical networks this is not always possible. In fact many ship repair yards have to supply dedicated containerised diesel gensets specifically for supply of shore power. These are expensive to run, noisy and require regular servicing & maintenance.

Rotary converters (M-G) sets can be used but are large, expensive and inflexible.

1242899222-92532100MJR can provide a range of solid state voltage & frequency converters that enable any shore based power supply to be converted to the correct voltage & frequency to enable the ship’s electrical network to be supplied via the shore supply.

The converters can be either permanently shore based, portable (containerised) or installed on the ship and are fully electronic and maintenance free.

We can also provide a range of constant frequency converters that convert the main engine shaft alternator output (variable) to constant frequency & voltage output to enable…

  • Shaft alternators to run in parallel with diesels and share load.
  • Shaft alternators to be paralleled together and share load.
  • Shaft alternator to deliver constant voltage and frequency regardless of main engine speed variation.

This can bring many benefits to the owner in terms of improved redundancy, lower operating costs, reduction in running hours of auxiliary machinery and increased flexibility.