Propulsion Control

Designed specifically for retrofit applications we have design solutions covering many applications, from medium speed four stroke propulsion engines with controllable pitch propellors to large two stroke slow speed reversible trunk engines.

Our systems are based upon the latest type approved programmable electronic hardware and are ideal for replacement of older pneumatic systems, with typical features including…

  • Symmetrical & asymmetrical mechanical load sharing of engines coupled to common gearboxes.
  • Load control & overload protection.
  • Clutch & auxiliary machinery control.
  • Power take off for shaft generator applications and power take in for auxiliary proplusion modes.
  • Combinator & constant speed control.
  • Interface to dynamic positioning systems.

1243347502-09743700We pay close attention to the detailed interface engineering to provide easy integration with the existing machinery in order to enable fast and trouble free retrofit installation and to minimise costs.