Temporary Power Generation Solutions

Supply and installation of temporary power generation packages (containerised gensets or power packs) is an increasingly important area of our business.

We supply, install and commission temporary power solutions for all marine & offshore applications including…

  • Cover for failure of existing auxiliary engines until repairs can be completed.
  • Offshore construction projects such as ROV, Trenching, Pipelay, Umbilical and Power/Telecoms Cable installation.
  • Back up and standby machines to improve system redundancy.
  • Power capacity upgrades.

When fitting containerised power packs in marine applications, careful specification, selection and installation is required to ensure compliance with class and flag state rules, otherwise vessel detention is a real possbility.

1238502927-82258300In many cases the temporary power pack is required to replace an existing failed machine. It must be able to work satisfactorily in parallel with the remaining generators and be integrated into the main switchboard & control systems to enable operation from the ECR as if it were a permanent machine.

We have a full range of control and interface solutions that enable us to acheive this performance and to provide staisfactory active, reactive and transient load sharing between the power pack and the vessels generators.

We can demonstrate a strong track record of providing trouble free approved installations and also of conversion of existing problematic installations into fully approved semi-permanent solutions.

We can also carry out servicing, electrical and mechanical repairs and custom containerisation of gensets to suit customer requirements.