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QuayPower™ shore to ship standardised container system

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The X-Wave™ Motion Compensation technology offers a comprehensive solution for various offshore applications, including Active Heave Compensation of ROV, AUV, and Trencher LARS, Subsea Cranes, Lift Winches, Deep Water Lowering Systems, Well Intervention Systems, IMR Systems, IWOC Systems, Drill String Compensators, Flying Sheave Compensators, and Survey Equipment. Additionally, it provides stabilization for lifting, helideck, and antenna platforms, as well as walk-to-work and personnel access systems.

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What is QuayPower™ ?

QuayPower™ is a cost effective, flexible modular and scalable containerised power conversion solution that provides reliable in port power and charging capabilities for a wide range of vessels, from workboats and ferries to offshore support vessels and container ships.

The system is designed to be modular and easily installed onto an existing quayside, port or harbour without having to build dedicated switch rooms and as it is containerised it is relatively easy to relocate. Where the grid supply is weak or in remote or island communities, energy storage and microgrid capabilities can easily be included into the system, with mixed generation sources (solar, wind, wave/tidal, grid, diesel backup) to enable slow charging and energy storage when the vessel is at sea according to the power supply available, but higher power release when the vessel is in port.

This flexibility means that the system can support everything from straightforward large capacity grid connected systems to smaller, more complex ‘shore power bank’ type applications.

QuayPower™ systems are uniquely designed to integrate into port networks and offer additional services to integrate local power generation, energy recovery and grid support services.

How It works

The ship arrives alongside with this diesel generators running and providing power to the ship.  The shore power connector deployment system is then used to ‘plug in’ the ship to the shore power supply. This can be a fully manual operation or semi/fully automated and can be controlled from the bridge of the ship or from the quayside.

Once electrically plugged in, but not yet connected, the shore power converter is automatically synchronised to the ships’ electrical network and when synchronisation is achieved it is connected to the ships electrical network. At this point the shore power and ships generators are operating in parallel. Once operating in parallel, the ships diesel generators are slowly and automatically unloaded causing the ships electrical load to be transferred from the diesel generators to the shore power supply in a controlled manner.

When the load on the ships’ generator is slightly above zero and all load is being supported by shore power systems they are disconnected in turn. The ship is now operating fully from the shore power supply which gives the following benefits:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Reduced wear and tear and maintenance/servicing costs
  • Reduced noise in port – silent operation
  • Zero emissions of gases, soot and particles in port
  • Bumpless transfer from diesels to shore power and back again

Why Choose QuayPower™?

QuayPower™ offers a modular and flexible solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Whether at the higher end as a multi MW fully automated system or at the lower end with a few hundred kW and fully manual cable connection, QuayPower™ adapts to varying requirements. Common features across all deployments include seamless integration with our onshore and offshore power and charging portal, providing customers with remote visualization, data analytics, and energy usage billing. The system also allows remote access for diagnostics, fault finding, and maintenance, leveraging our expertise in marine power systems to aid shipowners in integrating and interfacing the equipment into existing ship electrical networks. Additionally, QuayPower™ provides valuable assistance in ensuring compliance with marine classification society standards.