Power Generation & Distribution

MJR provides end-to-end services for designing, class approving, building, and installing power and distribution systems on vessels, covering both upgrades and newbuilds.

MJR Power & Automation provides a comprehensive offering  for marine power plant and distribution systems, offering services ranging from upgrading existing systems to the design and construction of entirely new systems for a diverse range of vessels.

New Build

In the domain of new builds, we specialise in developing specifications and overall system architecture, establishing operating philosophies, and creating single line diagrams. Our expertise extends to designing and building common AC and common DC bus systems, incorporating variable speed generators, and seamlessly integrating energy storage, fully electric, or hybrid technologies. This includes connections for shore power/charging and offshore power/charging. We conduct load balance calculations, short circuit studies, selectivity (discrimination) studies, harmonic calculations, and Failure Modes and Effects Criticality Analysis (FMECA). Our detailed design and build processes adhere to marine classification society rules, covering main switchboards, main distribution boards, sub-distribution boards, Motor Control Centres (MCCs), hotel, auxiliary, and small power systems. Additionally, we specialise in integrating our MAP-OE™ power management and marine control and automation platform or third-party systems. Our proficiency further extends to the detailed design, build, and approval of control, automation, instrumentation, communications, data, entertainment, and navigation systems.

Retrofit & Upgrade

For retrofit and upgrade projects, MJR Power & Automation offers detailed design, build, and approval of 'drop-in' replacement systems. This includes the replacement of generators, power management systems, engine safety and protection systems, alarm and monitoring systems, switchgear, and instrumentation. We also specialise in designing and integrating remote monitoring, data logging, and acquisition systems for voyage and energy optimisation, fuel reduction, and remote access for maintenance and fault finding. Our expertise extends to upgrades of deck power distribution systems on offshore construction vessels to support construction projects and project-specific equipment spreads. Moreover, we are adept at reactivating systems after layup and cold stacking, ensuring a seamless transition back to operational efficiency.


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