Energy Storage

In marine applications, energy storage options include batteries and emerging alternatives like hydrogen, methanol, ammonia, and biofuels.

Hand in hand with hybrid and full electric power systems, goes a reliable and safe means of energy storage. For marine applications this is currently batteries although recent moves towards alternative fuels such as hydrogen, methanol, ammonia and biofuels are gaining increasing traction. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Also, supercapacitors play a vital role in servicing short term power dense storage requirements.

MJR Power & Automation has relationships with several of the leading marine battery and supercapacitor manufacturers and has expertise in the delivery of a number of energy storage applications in the marine and offshore sector including:

  • 1MW supercapacitor common DC bus blackout ride through system for a large variable speed drive system for an offshore construction vessel.
  • 500kW battery energy storage system to support an autonomous offshore buoy based microgrid for grid simulation at a tidal generation test site.
  • Supercapacitor based AC connected emergency backup system for cruise ship propulsion thruster steering gear systems.
  • Replacement main battery systems for hybrid ferry propulsion systems.
  • Battery buffered power conversion systems for retrofit hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen engines in pilot projects for hydrogen based marine power generation.
  • Battery powered hydraulic power units for autonomous offshore installation equipment in the offshore wind sector.
  • Battery powered autonomous subsea equipment for lifting applications.

Class and flag approval of such systems is not trivial as rules are becoming increasingly strict to ensure vessel, crew and passenger safety. However, MJR’s expertise and track record in delivery and approval of complex marine systems with integrated safety enables us to meet these ever demanding requirements.


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