Modular Offshore Power

Containerised modular power solutions offer efficient and tested systems that can be quickly deployed, reducing on-site installation and start-up time.

Modular power solutions (generally containerised) are a convenient means of providing systems for temporary use, or to reduce the time taken to construct and commission permanent or semi-permanent installations. Modular power can be built efficiently in a controlled workshop environment and fully tested before delivery, shipped to site conveniently and hooked up quickly to minimise time on site for installation and start up. MJR Power & Automation provides modular power solutions for both marine and offshore use and also for onshore applications.

Our capabilities and some examples of our work are as follows:

Marine & Offshore

  • Containerised large variable speed drives & control systems for powering medium voltage subsea jetting pump motors.
  • Power & control containers for subsea vehicles including ploughs, ROVs, trenching vehicles and subsea drilling equipment.
  • Containerised switchboards and distribution systems for project specific deck equipment spreads.
  • Temporary power generation.
  • Containerised energy storage systems.

Marine and offshore modules are generally ISO 20’ standard or hi-cube containers and designed, built and certified to standards such as DNV-ST-E271 2.7-1 Offshore Containers and/or DNV-ST-E272 2.7-2 Offshore Service Modules.
We also increasingly provide onshore solutions, but generally where related to marine and offshore projects as follows:


  • Containerised power conversion systems for grid tie in of wave and tidal generation devices.
  • Microgrids & energy storage.
  • Shore power frequency/voltage converters.
  • Containerised power conversion equipment and control systems for ‘proof of concept’ testing.


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