Installation & Commissioning

MJR Power & Automation provides marine electrical installations, integration and commissioning to the global maritime sector.

Skill, Experience, and Knowledge in System Installation

When it comes to installing new systems alongside existing older equipment, the paramount importance of skill, experience, and knowledge cannot be overstated. This is particularly crucial in the relatively complex realm of retrofit and life extension projects, where installation time is limited, and testing time is short. Lessons learned from past experiences play a pivotal role in navigating the challenges associated with these projects.

MJR Power & Automation Installation Services

Our installation services encompass a comprehensive range of activities, ensuring the seamless integration and optimal performance of our designed and built equipment and systems.

Removal of Obsolete Equipment and Retrofit/Upgrade

Conducting site/offshore surveys to prepare for upgrades and dry dock specifications, facilitating the removal of obsolete equipment, and executing retrofit/upgrade projects.

LV & HV Power Distribution Cabling

Skillful installation, termination, and testing of both Low Voltage (LV) and High Voltage (HV) Power Distribution Cabling.

Subsea Cable Installation for Offshore Wind

Expert handling of subsea cables for offshore wind arrays, including the installation, stripping, and containment of power and fiber optic cores.

Comprehensive Cable Testing Services

Offering a thorough cable testing service covering load out, post load out, lay, pull-in, lay, hang off, post burial, and termination phases.

Instrument and Control System Cabling

Proficient installation, termination, and testing of Instrument and Control System Cabling.

Communications & Network Cabling

Ensuring the reliable installation, termination, and testing of Communications & Network Cabling.

Installation of Various Systems

Skillfully installing CCTV, PA, Telephone, Auxiliary Systems, Bridge & Navigation Equipment, and undertaking cable jointing.

Earthing Systems Installation

Expertly handling the installation, termination, and testing of Earthing Systems.

Lighting and Small Power System Installation

Ensuring the proper installation of Lighting and Small Power Systems.


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